MPLS America helps you find the MPLS Network providers who can best serve your specific locations satisfying your requirements for Class of Service and connectivity to the public Internet.
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As a result of not being able to find real-time information on mpls vpn, we became frustrated. Soon, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create Our staff of researchers determined how commercial Telecommunication carriers price out their products and more importantly, how to get XML access to their pricing algorithms. With this information and experience we programmed and patented a system which can take the locations you want on your MPLS network and compare them to the sweet spots of the various carriers.

We then input our knowledge of the various carrier's MPLS networks and compare those network characteristics to your requirements. Unlike the way it was in the past, you no longer need  contact a myriad of companies and then wait days or even weeks for them to send you back a price quote. We are a one stop shop for comparing MPLS network options.

What We Do
Even though we have unique technology to help us match you up with the best possible carrier, our team of knowledgeable experts sets us apart from other Telecom consultants. We are here to make sure that the product you are quoting is actually the product you need, to see if we can obtain additional discounts for you, and to help you through the order and provisioning process with the carrier that you choose. Our unbiased team of professionals will allow you to rely on their experience and knowledge to make the right choice for your business, even if you know little about telecom. Helping you do business in an easy and straight-forward manner with commercial telecom carriers is our business. Since we are compensated by every carrier we work with, you can rest assured knowing that we will recommend the carrier that is best for you.

Where We're Going
What you see today is just the begining here at With the help of our core of web developers we intend to keep pushing forward, rolling out new products which quote in real-time. As we add more carriers, with more products, you will have more options available to you with every passing week. Please check back with us regularly, especially when you are around six months away from the end of your current contract, to see what new services and price points are available to you. We are not looking to help you with just a single purchase; we want to be your trusted telecom advisors for life. If you need to contact us for any reason, please, don't hesitate to call or email us at your earliest convenience. We will do all in our capacity to respond to your inquiry promptly.

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mpls vpn Design and Pricing

Written by: Joe Budelis - Nov 5, 2010

Many carriers offer mpls vpn service. However, mpls vpn is not standardized. Because of the differences, an organizational goal is to put all mpls vpn locations on the same carrier’s network.

The larger the number of locations, the more of a challenge is faced to find which carriers support all or at least a majority of the organization’s locations. Luckily, at Persimmon Telecommunications, we use a software tool that makes that task much easier. It finds which percentage of an organization’s locations are on each carrier that supplies mpls vpn service. That way one knows where to start to investigate. The carriers that provide the higher percentage coverage for the organization are the ones to be explored.

Once we find the top mpls vpn carriers for your locations, we work with you to see which of their plans can best satisfy your requirements. And, by the way, are you concerned that there will be a significant cost for our services? That’s not the case since whichever carrier you choose, will pay us a commission, and we offer a low price guarantee. You won’t get a better price by going direct to the carrier or through any other channel in spite of the case that we provide Value-Added services. It’s truly a win-win situation. The carrier has less need to hire additional sales people and pay their benefits, they get more business since you might have not found them without us. You get the best possible mpls vpn design and price using the benefit of our experience and the clot we have with the carriers given all the business we bring to them. We get paid a reasonable commission.

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